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Friday, April 14, 2006

Latest updates

Happy Easter!

As this is when Christians the world over remember that Jesus was tortured to death for their sins, I thought it would be a good time to finally get around to two cases from the US detention facility at Bagram:

For those following pre-Christian traditions in the Northern Hemisphere, Easter and the symbols of the egg and the bunny represent spring and renewal. With that tenuous connection, the following old posts have been updated:
  • 09-2003: Mousa dies in British custody, to add details of how he was murdered, and to note that colonel charged with overseeing the troops who killed him is being promoted.
  • 08-2002: Memo, Bybee: a narrow definition of torture, to note an American Republican Congressperson expressing moral concerns about the memo.
  • 11-2003: Death in custody, Mowhoush, to add details about how he was murdered, and to note that the Chief Warrant Officer escaped the murder charge, and instead a panel of six Army officers convicted him of negligent homicide and negligent dereliction of duty.
  • 04-2002: Benyam Mohammed renditioned, to add the detail that Mohammed's torture (scalpel cuts to the genitalia) led him to falsely confess to being in league with Jose Padilla, whom he'd actually never met.
  • 11-2001: Tipton Three detained, to note that their torture led to them making a false confession, and to provide a link to a doco on their story.
  • 01-2002: Arar, CCR, sues Ashcroft, to note that their case was dismissed.
  • 04-2005: Passaro case, to note that Passaro will be allowed to present evidence that he was following orders when he interrogated an Afghan detainee to death.
  • 12-2005: CPT hostages killed unless detainees freed, which now notes that Tom Fox was murdered, and the rest rescued, and that some American Republicans used the incident to make a political point.
  • 01-2006: Carrol killed unless female Iraqi detainees freed, to note that she was released unharmed, and to observe that some American Republicans continued a recent theme by attacking Carrol's motives and questioned whether she really was kidnapped.
The following posts are new:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stolen US military flash drives include torture photographs

Today MSNBC will report on stolen US military flash drives being sold in a bazaar outside Bagram Airport. Bagram is a site at which US forces have commited numerous tortures and abuses against detainees (see third group of bullet points).
Among the photos of Americans are pictures of individuals who appear to have been tortured and killed, most too graphic to show. NBC News does not know who caused their injuries. The Pentagon would not comment on the photos.
(This entry concerns a current event, and will be updated)