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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Investigations into Afghan detention facilities: one murder, four deaths, eight beaten

As will be recorded in an Agents Activity Summary (pdf page 6)
About 0900, 15 May 05, this office was notified by HQ, USACIDC, that MR [censored] was beaten on his hands, feet and chest, while detained at Kandahar and Peshawar detainee facilities.
Page 7 of this document also refers to 5 other investigations, which are as follows:
  • "CPT [censored] SFC [censored] SSG [censored] and SSG [censored] murdered MR [censored] after detaining him for following their movements in Afghanistan" Opened 26 Sep 02, closed 23 Mar 04
  • "Re-opened: MR [censored] turned himself into the custody of the US and subsequently died while in custody in Asadabad." Opened 25 May 04
  • "Death case of Afghani national under AMF control at an SF outpost, forward operating base Gereshk, Af." Opened 08 Nov 03
  • "Mr [censored] was reported he was abused at the BAF Detainee facility in August 2003" Opened 20 May 04
  • "SJA requested to interview (7) Afghanistan Nationals held in Kabul Detainee Facility that reported they were abused upon apprehension and that one of their brothers was killed while in US custody from being beaten" Opened 24 May 04


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