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Monday, March 04, 2002

Incident: Kiyemba

According to a Mail on Sunday article published in nearly four years time, this month Jamal "Tony" Kiyemba will be arrested in Pakistan, where he claims he had gone to study the Quran because it was "very cheap". He will be held for the next two months in Pakistan, then sold for $5000 to the Americans and flown to the US base Bagram in Afghanistan, and then in October 2002 transferred to Guantanamo Bay.

While detained by Pakistani intelligence officers, he claims that he was:

  • beaten
  • threatened with tortures
While detained by Americans, he claims that he was systematically tortured. He was
  • hung from doors
  • deprived of sleep
  • had a towel soaked in pepper spray was rubbed in his eyes
  • beaten if he moved
  • told that if he didn't confess, he would never get out, and that he would be sent to Egypt to be tortured worse
He also heard other prisoners screaming from torture, and saw one dead. He says gave up resisting and started fabricating for his captors what they wanted to hear. He is now in custody in Uganda, his place of birth, and barred from returning to the UK where he lived his whole life. --

Further reading, opinions and commentary:

  • Save Omar, a site dedicated to one of eight British residents imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.
  • Building a Pyramid, 21 February 2006, who asks some interesting questions about inconsistencies in the UK and US govts behaviour in the case.