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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Abuse at Kandahar Detainee Facility

Sourced from released documents here, detailing the investigation of alleged detainee abuse at Kandahar Detainee Facility, Afghanistan.

The summary states that

[A medic observed three detainees with] minor injuries conducive with abuse. SPC [censored] ... further related in the memorandum that the detainees claimed the (sic) be abused by U.S. Personnel at the Kandahar Detainee Facility, between 7 and 9 Sep 04 [should read "02"] (page 4 of pdf).
The documents include statements from one witness denying seeing any abuse at Kandahar, and a medic doing the same. This can be contrasted with the list of incidents that have occurred at Kandahar here. The medic claims that one detainee died during his stay there, but he did not know the cause.

The summary concludes that the

Investigation failed to prove or disprove the detainee abuse occurred as originally alleged due to the inability to interview the alleged victims since the areas which they are believed to be residing are under high combat threat (page 2)


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