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Monday, February 20, 2006

Iran's Minister of Defence scores rhetorical points against US

Today Iran's Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, will make a speech at the first nationwide gathering on the goals of the Ministry (source). In that speech he will use US human rights abuse as a rhetorical device to criticise the US Administration. He is quoted as saying
the human rights favored by US President George Bush are based on clandestine cells, torture, terror, wire tapping of American civilians, sacrilege to religious sanctities, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and attack on civilians.

It is among the wonders of the 21st century that the US administration with its black record of activities claim leadership of the world towards democracy and human rights...

The US disgrace due to its crimes in Abu Ghraib prison indicates that the US administration has no respect for the most basic principles of human rights ... the US through such shameful acts has been completely isolated and hated in the world.


Blogger American Crusader said...

`Anything United States may or may not have done pales in comparison to the abuse Iranian prisoners receive.
No one knows how many people are held in Iran’s prisons and secret detention centers for the peaceful expression of their views. Over the past four years, as the window of free expression has closed in Iran, abuse and torture of dissidents have increased in Evin Prison’s solitary cells and secret detention centers.

The combination of torture and ill-treatment in detention, closing off of avenues for legal redress, and silencing public information about these abuses has created an increasingly hostile environment for human rights in Iran.

So much for rhetorical points.

18/3/06 11:38 am  
Blogger elendil said...

Anything United States may or may not have done pales in comparison to the abuse Iranian prisoners receive.

I agree wholeheartedly. Iran is, for example, the kind of place where you can be killed for being queer. America just disenfranchises them. Neither is good, but I know where I'd prefer to be.

There are a lot of places with much worse human rights abuse than the US. A few of them feature on this list: Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and of course the "new" Iraq. These are the kinds of places the US sends their detainees to be tortured.

... American Crusader, I'm glad you dropped by again, but I feel like we're about to have the same conversation that we had last time. I agree that there are governments with worse human rights records, but being able to point to someone worse is not the same thing as being up to scratch. Our goals should not be prescribed by the lowest common denominator.

19/3/06 7:47 am  

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