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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Australian Federal Police question academic over library books

Today the ABC will report that the AFP questioned PhD researcher 'Abraham' from Monash University. In a move reminiscent of recent US actions, it is alleged that the AFP targeted 'Abraham' because of his Muslim name, and the nature of the books that he was borrowing from the library, which formed part of his research into the role of martyrdom in Islam. 'Abraham', a mainstream Muslim, is quoted as saying
Quite ironic is my study's involved in obviously preventing these actions [terrorism] from occurring.
According to the article, in light of these events Abraham's lecturer Dr David Wright-Neville has since warned his students about the threat posed by the authorities as they undertake their academic work. He stated
It's happened to one and I think that all students, if they're going to be studying this subject, need to be made aware that based on the experience of last week that they might also be targeted by the authorities.


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