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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pentagon censors embarrassing information: that torture ineffectual

Today it will be reported that the censorship of documents released to NGOs under the Freedom of Information Act was not done purely to protect sensitive information. Government censors had removed phrases that indicated that the the authors had doubts about the value of the information obtained from detainees under duress. From the report:
... a US Senator has pressured the Justice Department into disclosing some of the previously hidden information in one of the memos, revealing more information about the FBI's stance on the military interrogation techniques employed at the base.

Among the newly released snippets of text is one in which the author says he discussed the "effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the DoD [interrogation] techniques." The words "(or lack thereof) of the DoD techniques" had previously been blanked out by government censors.

In another newly unredacted portion of the document, the author describes how FBI agents believed the results obtained from some of the military-run interrogations were "suspect at best."


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