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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Happy Iran Sovereignty day, and hands off Iran

Today is the anniversary of the nationalization of Iran's oil industry. The political movement associated with this was subsequently crushed by the 1953 U.S backed coup d'etat, but it remains a potent symbol of struggle, and a reminder of the true motives of the empire. Some Iranian bloggers have got together the idea of putting a message in blogs about today, to speak against movements towards invasion of Iran. That's why the title of this blog now includes "Hands off Iran". I will be away on business today so I have decided to put my message against the war up early to participate as best I can.

The message I want to give is contained in this blog and sister-blog The People's Oil. "The People's Oil" is a documentation of the only thing that ever motivated the Administration. All talk of freedom and democracy is a capitulation to the good people of America, who would never accept an imperialist war for oil and power alone, and retain with their idealism the naivety to believe their leaders' speech.

Do not believe the lies about good intentions for the Middle East. The interests of brown people will only ever be considered where their interests and the interests of the Administration coincide. This rarely happens, and only when the People protest so hard that they make refusing their demands worse for the Administration than pursuing their original self-interested plan.

"Rummy's Diaries" is a retrospective archive of information about human rights abuse in the War on Terror. This horror is what "war" means. This is the depths of depravity which the Administration is willing to go to when given the American people's tacit support. The fact that the majority of Americans voted for this is proof that this Administration is not sufficiently curtailed by a moral and knowledgeable people to be entrusted with warfare. Don't let them do it to Iran as well. If self-interest is your only interest, I plead with you that there are enough terrorists in the world without creating fresh ones in Iranian detention facilities.

UPDATE: For those in the US who refuse to be passive participators, Sima has an awesome list of activities and protests planned for today. So stand up, get the blood off your hands, and get out there.


Blogger Stuart Anthony Fenech said...

I think that the US foreign policy at the moment is based more on naive idealism, with the need to retain economic dominance a close runnerup. I think that this is shown by the output of the various right wing "think tanks" in the US that strongly support the current US foreign policy. I think that the people high up in the US Adminstration genuinely believe they are good, true and wonderful. I think that there is a complete disconnect between this theory that many of them believe and their actions. I think we have to remember that the people who run the Bush administration are just normal people like you or I.

So do you think the motivation is more oil or ideology? The National Security Strategy of the USA document clearly alludes to a desire to impose two things on the world - democracy and economics (of the form favourable to US business interests).

I think about these issues a bit because if you go up to a person and tell them that Iraq is about oil, they will not believe you. There needs to be a comprehensive and strong argument against the US actions that takes into account all of the flaws in what they are doing.

Well, it looks like my idea that the blog would be a countdown to the invasion of Iran was not too far off the mark. Notice that the hostile actions towards Iran are, unsurprisngly, creating division and conflict. If another country was telling us that we are bad and evil, we would tell them to go jump. It is therefore not surprising that more 'hard liners' are being elected in Iranian elections. The hostile big stick approach is creating the conditions for war. The more the US swipes Iran, the more Iran will hate the US. It's Warmongering 101.

18/3/05 2:51 pm  

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