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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Incident: Saleh detained at Abu Ghraib

This month, a man identified as "Saleh" will give an account of his three months Abu Ghraib. He will claim that the following things happened to him:
  • A belt tied around his neck and he was dragged 70 feet;
  • Left naked and hooded for extended periods of time;
  • Urinated on and sodomised against his will while his hands were tied over his head;
  • Shot in the chest with plastic bullets as he tried to pray;
  • Roped by the genitals to 12 other naked prisoners;
  • His penis was stretched with a rope and beaten with a stick.
In addition, he will claim that:
  • he observed two young male detainees being raped;
  • his captors fired into a crowd of detainees, killing five; and
  • he heard the screams of female captives, whom he believed were being raped.


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