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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

FoIA document: leadership knew of prisoner abuse, alleged rape discussed

Today, two unknown individuals within the defence intelligence agency will be recorded as having the following conversation, relating to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal:
Met with [censored] who related that [line censored] related that [censored] had recently returned from a 6 moth rotation in IRAQ. [censored] related that [censored] told [censored] while in IRAQ [censored] was in charge of interrogations of the prisoners, and during this time, [censored] and the senior leadership knew of, or were aware of the incidents going on at the prison, as it has been described in the newspaper (Washington Post, date 4 May 2004). [censored] provided a copy of the newspaper. [censored] went on to say that [censored] related that there were two incidents involving the rape of two female detainees. [censored] was asked if [censored] witnessed or knew who committed the alleged rape. [censored] stated [censored] did not know who committed the rape and did not know witness the act (sic).


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