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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Incident: Haji Abdul Rahman detained

This month, according to a statement on the ACLU website, Haji Abdul Rahman will be detained at various facilities in Afghanistan including Bagram and Gardez. He will be kept for approximately five months. He claims that during this time, he was:
  • forced to wear blackout goggles for the entire first month of his detention;
  • deprived of sleep by loud noises and bright lights;
  • forced to strip naked and photographed repeatedly;
  • probed anally on multiple occasions;
  • cuffed with a chain attached, which would be jerked to wrench his shoulders and wrists;
Rahman now has nerve damage in his leg and back, which causes great pain and occasional near-paralysis. He has vision problems, and suffers from memory lapses. He also has emotional problems.


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