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Monday, December 15, 2003

Asamiya Palace

This month, an unnamed screener was sent to Abu Ghraib. The screener's report back on 10 May 2004 will be made public thanks to NGO's Freedom of Information Act request. The following is an excerpt from the memorandum (page 238):
In reference to detainee abuse, I know the following. I heard that a soldier took a female detainee and took her shirt off. The linguist did not report it and they both got charged. I never witnessed the use of dogs during interroations nor did I witness any detainee abuse. I did not witness any detainees wearing women underwear. One day during a screening, one of the detainees was stripped of all his clothes. The detainee was in one of the rooms. For about 15 minutes, no one touched him. There was a MP female who wored during the in-processing of detainees. The female would hit the detainee on his legs to make him open his legs. She would first hit his left leg and then his right until he fell down. He was then pulled up and pushed to the wall. The MPs were rough and having a female searching a male is not right because that is against their religion. There were many detainees who came in abuse (sic). While were were screening the detainees, they would ask us "Are they going to beat us here too?" In the medical facility, they would start talking. Some would have broken shoulders, others came in on crutches. They did not know who beat them. They said they were beat at ASAMIYA PALACE. The detaines said that even the linguist beat them. They didn't know if Americans were involved. They were abused with cigarette burns, and electric shocks. The doctor documented the bruises. I would say there were about 90 incidents that took place in ASAMIYA PALACE. Some detainees would say they were beat up by Iraqis. [censored] name was mentioned by a lot of detainees. He was accused of bribing people for money and taking revenge on them. One detainee stated that [censored] would stick bottles up their rectum. The detainee could not sit down.

... A detainee said he was tortured for 7 days at night at the palace. They submitted two sworn statements. I heard this January or February time frame. There was a group that had been taken to the palace. They were two sisters, two brothers, and two uncles. One of the ladies does not want to talk about what happened to her.


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