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Monday, October 13, 2003

Memo (Ricardo Sanchez): Interrogation techniques

An Interrogation Policy to supersede the techniques approved in the 14 September 2003 Policy (see entry on that date), is released. The techniques are largely the same. I list the following techniques for comparison with the previous memo.

The first group of techniques that may be of interest are those that potentially violated the Geneva Conventions in the previous memo. They are B, I, O, X, Y, AA, and CC. Techniques X (isolation), Y (dogs), AA (yelling, loud music, light control), and CC (stress positions) are no longer included. For those that remain, the bracketed "cautions" that these may potentially violate the Geneva Conventions, which were included in the first memo, have been removed.

  • B. Incentive/Removal of Incentive. Providing a reward or removing a privilege, above and beyond those that are required by the Geneva Convention. Possible incentives include favorite food items, changes in environmental quality, or other traditional or regional comforts not required by the Geneva Convention.
  • I. Pride and Ego Down: Attacking or insulting the ego of a detainee.
  • O. Mutt and Jeff: A team consisting of a friendly and harsh interrogator. This approach is designed to cause the security internee to have a feeling of hostility toward one interrogator and a feeling of gratitude toward the other.
The second group of techniques that may be of interest are those that Sanchez lied about during the Senate Enquiry (see 14 September 2003). They are Z (sleep management), Y (dogs), AA (excessive noise) and E and F (inducing fear). All of these techniques except inducing fear (techniques E and F) have been removed.


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