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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Incident: alleged sexual assault

According to a statement from a woman that was held at Abu Ghraib, the following things occurred (taken from Commander's Report of Disciplinary or Administrative Action, page 9):
Ms [censored] stated she was in her cell, when three MI personnel and an interpreter came to her cell and escorted her down the cellblock to an abandoned cell. Ms [censored] stated one of the MI soldiers stayed outside of the cell and acted as a lookout ... [descriptions of man] ... Ms. [censored] stated that inside the cell, one of the soldiers held her hands behind her back while another soldier forcefully kissed her ... [descriptions of men] ... Ms. [censored] stated the soldiers took her out of the cell and took her downstairs, where they showed her a naked Iraqi man and told her that if she did not do what they said, then they would take her clothes off and make her look like the Iraqi man. Ms. [censored] stated she was then escorted to the abandoned cell upstairs where she was forced to get on her knees and raise her arms and hands above her head. Ms [censored] stated the skinny white male without glasses, removed her shirt, leaver her bra. Ms [censored] stated she began to cry and the soldier through [sic] her shirt at her and started cursing at her. Ms [censored] stated the soldiers told her they were going to come back each night and talk to her. Ms [censored] stated she was then taken back to her cell.
Ms [censored] then identified the soldiers above from a photographic line-up.

The male soldiers who were allegedly involved were interviewed. Unfortunately, some of the statements from the soldiers are missing from the document. For those that are included, all state that they saw no sexual assault incidents, nor any threats.

The testimony on page 18 verifies that Ms [censored] was indeed taken downstairs.

Q: Do you know why Ms [censored] was taken downstairs for about five minutes then returned to her original cell on the second floor?
A: In my opinion, I think they were taking her to the isolation cell, then changed their mind and returned her to her assigned cell.
Q: Was Ms [censored] taken to the male segregated portion of the prison?
A: I don't know, they could have taken her when they took Ms [censored] downstairs for the five minutes.
The investigator then proceeds to ask the soldier what his opinion of Ms [censored] is. This gives the soldier the opportunity to state "I believe she is a dangerous person and should not be trusted. She seemed kind of "crazy"".

Page 5 of the Report concludes

Investigation did not establish sufficient evidence to prove or disprove SGT [censored] SPC [censored] and SPC [censored] committed the offenses of Indecent Assault, Conspiracy, Maltreatment of a Prisoner and Communicating a Threat.
Page 6 contains the following note.
Leads Remaining: Continue attempts to locate and interview witness within Abu Ghraib prison.


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