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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Dogs at Abu Ghraib

Today, an interogator will arrive at Abu Ghraib. The statement of the interogator will be made public thanks to NGO's Freedom of Information Act request. In this statement, the interrogator will make a statement as follows (page 352)
At approximately 0200 hrs, I requested the dogs from COL PAPPAS and he stated that he wold (sic) call higher to request permission. I began writing the memo IAW our IROE [interrogation rules of engagement] and an hour later it was approved and I was given the guidelines for using the dog. The dog did not hurt anyone as it was always about 5 feet away from the detainee.
In contrast to the above's experience, it will be later shown that dogs did in fact engage and injure detainees (e.g. page 353). Thomas M. Pappas, named above, will be fined $8000 for allowing dogs to be present during interrogations. This is despite the fact that Lieutenant General Ricardo A. Sanchez will have released policy stating explicitly that the use of dogs is permitted with his permission. He will deny having permitted this technique under oath to a Senate Inquiry, despite memos proving that this is a lie.


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