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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Memo: Commander's report of Commander's Inquiry

Today, the Commander's report of the Commander's Inquiry appointed 15 July 2003 will be sent to MG Raymond T. Odierno (Commander, 4th Infantry Division, Tikrit Iraq). A pdf of the document can be found on the ACLU FOIA website (pages 1090 onward). In it, the following incidents are claimed to have occurred under the Task Force Iron Gunner detainee operations. It is noted that no court-martials or punishments have resulted from these incidents.
  • Iraqis being detained on little more than a "whim". The example is given of Iraqis detained merely for having more than $100 in possession. It is noted that the money was often stolen from the detainees by the Task Force.
  • The father of a 12-year-old boy killed in operations was denied his child's body for days, and then "made to dig it up himself".
This document forms part of the documentation released by various US Government Departments in response to an FOIA court order. If you are grateful for having received this information, consider supporting the organisations in the side-bar on the right.


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