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Friday, July 04, 2003

Incident: Said Nabi Siddiqi detained

According to a statement on the ACLU website, this month, Said Nabi Siddiqi was detained at various facilities in Kandahar and Bagram. In his statement, he claims that he was:
  • forced to hold a 15-pound piece of wood in his cuffed hands and maintain a push-up position while he was doused with water, and beaten when he failed to maintain the position;
  • interrogated every night for two weeks while cuffed and blindfolded;
  • kicked and punched during interrogations;
  • stripped naked and photographed;
  • anally probed;
  • subjected to stones thrown at him while he went to the toilet;
  • deprived of his asthma puffer;
  • deprived of sleep by having stones thrown at him and being doused in water;
  • kept outdoors with no protection from the elements in extreme weather;

Said Nabi Siddiqi shows where his ankles were cuffed.


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