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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Incident: death, Wali

After he hears that he is suspected of being involved in rocket attacks on US bases, Abdul Wali will turn himself in to US forces today. He will be taken into US custody. In three days time, he will be dead.

On 27 July 2003, an Afghan governor (probably the governor of Kunar) will declare on Islamic radio that Wali died of a heart attack, and that there were no marks, bruises, or signs of abuse on the body. This is done despite the fact that an autopsy was not be conducted on Abdul Wali. It will later be revealed by a spokesperson for the governor that he suspected heart problems only because U.S. officials insisted Wali was not mistreated.

Despite U.S. officials' insistence that Wali was not mistreated, CIA operative David Passaro will later be charged with mistreating Wali. Witnesses allege that allege that Passaro beat Wali with a heavy flashlight 10 to 30 times and kicked him so hard that he came off the ground and later begged to be shot. According to prosecuters Passaro was only charged with assault, rather than murder, because they would need to examine Wali's body, which is buried in an area unsafe for U.S. troops.

On 13 April, 2005, court documents relating to the trial of Passaro will be released. See entry on 13 April 2005.


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