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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The Dark Place, Pakistan

Today, a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, will be questioned by two special agents. His response recorded will eventually be made available due to NGO's Freedom of Information Act request. An excerpt of what he claims occurred is reproduced below (page 3969).
After being interviewed by the two females, he was taken to the "dark place". At the "dark place," a hood was placed over his head and he was yelled at and beaten. [censored] stated that because of this treatment at the hands of his captors he provided the interrogators with whatever information that they wanted to hear.
Next month, on 16 April 2003, another prisoner will be questioned. "The purpose of the interview was for the new agents to build rapport with [censored] and encourage his continued cooperation", so they began by apologising for a previous inconveniencing of him, and "offered encouragement and pointed out he had been moved up to level 2 within the camp as a sign of good faith." He then volunteered information about a similar sounding "dark place" to that mentioned above (page 4000)
[censored] then volunteered that following his arrest in Pakistan, he was moved to a place they call "The Dark Prison" because there was no light. At this prison, run by the Pakistanis, [censored] stated he was beaten, tortured and threatened with weapons.


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