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Monday, December 09, 2002

Memo: Army lawyers working hard

An email written today with the subject-line Legal issues re Guantanamo Bay between two censored individuals in a US department is quoted below
Attached are some documents that may be of interest to Spike Bowman who I understand is reviewing legal aspects of interviews here in GTMO. They were provided to me by one of the JAG lawyers working at CITF.

One of these is a review of interrogation methods by a DOD lawyer. Basically, it appears that the lawyer worked hard to crite (sic) a legal justification for the type of interviews they (the Army) want to conduct here.

Another email written today, with the subject line GTMO, between another two censored individuals, is quoted below:
It was good to talkwith (sic) you the other night. I look forward to reading your response to the outlandish accusations made by the inspectors and [censored].

Attached are two documents - 1) a one-page description of a matter concerning the interview/interrogation which we spoke to the Commanding general about. and 2) An outline of the coercive techniques in the military's interviewing tool kit.

I will also send our Interview Plan for Detainee [censored] When I return to D.C., I will bring a copy of the miloitary's (sic) interview Plan .... You won't believe it!

These documents will form part of the documentation released by various US Government Departments in response to an FOIA court order.


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