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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Objections to rendition within FBI

Today a memo will be forwarded to a senior FBI lawyer from a supervisory special agent from the FBI's behavioural analysis unit. In two years and nine month's time, Newsweek will obtain a copy of the memo, and write an article about the memos contents.

According to the article, the agent discusses a plan to send a detainee to Jordan, Egypt, or another country for interrogation. The author objects to this saying

In as much as the intent of this category is to utilize, outside the U.S., interrogation techniques which would violate [U.S. law] if committed in the U.S., it is a per se violation of the U.S. Torture Statute

... Discussing any plan which includes this category could be seen as a con-spiracy to violate [the Torture Statute]" and "would inculpate" everyone involved".


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