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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

GTMO detainee: Fabricates evidence to avoid torture

Today, a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, will be questioned by FBI and NCIS. His response recorded will eventually be made available due to NGO's Freedom of Information Act request.

He is recorded as having admitted to fabricating parts of his previous interviews with American interviewers because he feared torture (page 3894). He is also recorded as claiming that, after being shot and captured by the Northern Alliance, he was tortured for two days and ordered to admit he was Al' Qaeda and had met UBL. Only then was his wound was treated.

An excerpt is reproduced below (page 3900).

[censored] was asked about his egress from Afghanistan. [censored] advised that First Name Unknown (FNU) [censored] was his point of contact in Karachi, Pakistan. [censored] was the facilitator for travel to respective countries for [censored] and several other Arabs staying at [remainder of paragraph censored].

At this point in the interview, [censored] stated that all information about his travel to Afghanistan in previous interviews with U.S. authorities was coerced and fabricated. [censored] claimed that Pakistani authorities threatened him with torture unless he admitted to attending [one line censored] claimed that the Pakistani authorities promised his release if he said he [censored].


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